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From planning a dynamic wedding reception, to creating a grand celebration or an intimate ceremony, JCRC events is perfectly created for these moments.  We engage with our clients on a personal level, to best understand their needs and map the journey to creating that perfect, event moment.


Let’s us break down the process, so you can understand how we build our client relations.

To get started, we need to connect and learn about your concept. Reach us by email, phone or direct on our site and tell JCRC events about your wedding planning, photo shoot styling, floral design or corporate event. Give us the details we need, to create the foundation of your event.

Now that we are acquainted, we can get down to business, the process to your dream moment is as follows;

1. Over the phone or face to face consultation.
2. Quotation.
3. Schedule work.
4. Deposit payment.
5. Final payment required.
6. Completion.

Communication is the foundation of our success,  so please ask about every detail, the more we know, the better we can create as a collective.

Wedding Planner Stylist & Florist


Wedding Planner Stylist & Florist

Every event creates a unique experience, and that’s a challenge JCRC loves to devote our expertise and passion to.

We love your event as much as you do, and create the very best, personalised details for your luxurious wedding, corporate event, photo shoot or celebration. We treat every event we reach as if it was our own.

As professional project managers, event planners and creators, we create a seamless process, allowing you to be emerged in the moment you dreamed of.

Regardless of your event or ideas, JCRC Events handles every detail, advising and working alongside as the co-creator of your occassion.


JCRC events has learnt from experience and we have plenty to build from. With TEN years in the game of creative development, we understand the challenges of building an event and have picked up, just a few tips and trips along the way.

We have de tangled every issue you can imagine, so it’s safe to say you are in experienced hands with JCRC Events. Our extensive experience means you have a stress free pass on your event planning and can focus on more important things; your event.


Wedding Planner Stylist & Florist


 We create because we have too, it’s apart of our DNA. Built into our personalities, our need to create is personal. We understand the value our creative minds can bring to you, the client, and how our talents can create precious memories. 

That is why we are here, this is why we create, so that your special moment in time becomes a reality.

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