Wedding Planning

Know what you want

Trust us, we’ve done this before! But you’re the one who’s only getting married once!

We work with fabulous suppliers and professionals whose skills let you customise your wedding to your heart’s content, letting your imagination run wild, regardless of your concepts, ideas and plans.

Providing you with expert advice and guidance, JCRC-Events works hard alongside you and your expectations, to plan for every element in your wedding.

We take care of the hard stuff, all your wedding administration including budget tracking, schedules, payments and contracts. So, don’t worry about a thing, we leave you to kick back, relax and prepare for the most special, biggest day of your life.


Planning & Preparation

So, you’ve said yes! Now, where do you start?

Having your wedding planned and managed by a professional is the way to go, with your choice to be as involved in the decision making as much or as little as you like.

Planning a wedding is a long journey, but ultimately the most rewarding one! We understand all the stresses involved and ensure that these are taken care of for a smooth and fulfilling experience.

We’ll do anything to make your special day come together! With the know-how of how to put it all together, tending to all the wedding’s logistics, including budget tracking, payments, contracts and liaising with suppliers.


Wedding Coordination

What We Do

Don’t spend all your time and money planning a wedding and not enjoy it! A trustworthy and professional wedding co-ordinator is just what you need.

Our wedding co-ordination services are logistically focused, managing the hard stuff, such as your budget, contracts and payments. We set up a detailed timeline, making for a seamless process, offering our expert advice and guidance throughout.

Additionally, we oversee everything on your wedding day and make sure no detail is left behind, being there to ensure everything is running smoothly as planned. Our services include delivery, set-up and pack-down, leaving you to completely enjoy the special day stress-free, knowing everything will be taken care of.


Dedicated Wedding Day Coordinator

At JCRC-Events, we provide you with your own dedicated wedding co-ordinator, and with their passion, your event will surpass all of your wildest expectations.

Your event co-ordinator understands that planning a premium event is a long but rewarding process and will be there every step of the way. JCRC-Events believes in making new friends along the way who put their whole trust in you to make their dreams come true.

JCRC-Event’s event co-ordinators work with fabulous, skilled and qualified suppliers and professionals to produce your premium experience and event. We travel with you throughout Victoria, providing services in Melbourne, Geelong, the Great Ocean Road, Dandenong ranges, wherever you take us!

Design + Styling + Flowers

Wedding Design

Even if you know exactly what you want, or don’t know where to start, JCRC-Events is here to help. Designing a premium wedding is our passion and dedication, we ultimately design and create your perfect wedding using your own colours, themes and ideas to suit your style and budget, advising you along the way.

Within your personalised wedding design, we’ll manage all details such as the floorplan, seating, lighting, flowers and furniture. Seeing your guest’s faces when they walk in for the first time is the most rewarding experience, and we encounter this everyday with our satisfied and impressed clients.


We’ve styled events of every scale and budget, producing innovative, elegant and detailed styling in every aspect. We understand that every wedding is different, and you want your special day to reflect you, that’s why we take the time and effort to get to know our client, ensuring that we surpass your wildest dreams, taking your wedding to the next level.

Whether this involves assisting with your wedding dress and bridesmaids styling, décor planning or styling the ceremony’s schedule itself, at JCRC-Events, we pride ourselves on continuous communication with our clients, securing their trust and delivering a luxuriously styled event.

Wedding Flowers

JCRC-Events work with professional and skilled florists, with the ability to conjure up the most beautiful floral displays, bouquets, centrepieces and more.

We’re exceed creativity and ensure that our creative team will make the process extremely easy and dazzling, whether you know exactly what you want, or if you’d like help coming up with new ideas. With extensive knowledge of seasonal flowers, styling combinations, pricing and aesthetics, your wedding flower designer will take your breath away.

We match your visions and personality directly to your floral arrangements, making for a luxurious wedding that’s a one of a kind, like you.

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