Wedding Flowers

Blooming Florals

Our strength lies in our passion for elegance and class, designing and creating gorgeous wedding floral arrangements to exceed your expectations.

For a traditional, classic floral arrangement, our blooming florals use specific colours of local, seasonal or imported flowers to best complement your wedding styling. With the flowers being the heroes, JCRC-Events match your visions and personality directly to your floral arrangements, making for a luxurious wedding that’s a one of a kind, like you.

Including bouquets, centrepieces, boutonnieres, corsages and more, we work with esteemed florists to ensure the quality and design of your wedding flowers will turn heads.


Bespoke Wedding Flowers

For a natural, garden style floral arrangement, our bespoke bouquets leaf-based, featuring trailing foliage and flowers, to compliment a rustic, raw theme. Bespoke floral arrangement and bouquets are generally oversized, with freeform flowers and greenery loosely arranged to display an effortless, elegant style.

Originally from Britain, bespoke arrangements were once described as a ‘grandmother’s garden’ bouquet, using a variety of native flowers and foliage. This design style is more popular than ever, as brides lean towards organic and raw aesthetics for a more relaxed wedding.

For a gorgeous, natural ceremony, JCRC-Event’s bespoke floral arrangements are something different for your wedding.

Floral Design For Events

Unique Floral Arrangements

Who can have a wedding without a bouquet?

JCRC-Events is more enthusiastic about floral design, flower arrangements and floral décor than you can imagine! We work with a range of skilled and esteemed florists to ensure a gorgeous, quality unique floral range for your event.

We delight in contributing to unforgettable memories of happiness and we truly understand the excitement involved, making your special day perfect. No matter the reason, theme or event, it’s the greatest pleasure for us to collaborate and provide for you.

JCRC-Events takes care of all floral arrangements, including bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centrepieces, décor and more.


Enhance Every Event

We see the unexpected beauty in all nature’s gifts and love to create, offer and share these with our clients and their guests through our magical floral designs.

No event is complete without the beauty of floral arrangements, taking your event to the next level, and creating a professional, elegant style for any occasion.

Our floral designs and arrangements are personalised to your every need, theme and visions, catering towards any aspect of your celebration. With innovative ideas and styles, JCRC-Events ensures your wedding or event will be jaw-droppingly beautiful and even more gorgeous as you imagined it to be.


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